A Guided Workbook and Planner For Slaying Your Goals.

What is the biggest reason most of us fail to reach our goals? We don't follow through. All stories of success begin and end with the ability to simply stick with it.

The Goal Killer Planner helps you identify your goals using a new Hierarchy Goal Setting Method and create a framework to ensure forward progress.

It's about time you had the life you always wanted.


It's easy to say "I want to travel more." It's harder to make it happen. In order to actually make a change, you have to get a clear on WHAT you want, WHY you want it and HOW to get there. The Goal Killer planner will help you identify what you want and create an actionable plan to achieve it.  

Define Your Life

The intro workbook is packed with activities to help you design your life and create an annual action plan to achieve it.

Video Training

Every order comes with a video training led by moi. In the training video I walk you through each page of the "Goal Killer" planner and explain how to fill it out for yourself.

Action Oriented Planner

Your Goal Killer is equipped with printable monthly, weekly, and daily planner sheets that provide you with a framework to ensure you are making forward progress.

Example Sheets

To provide even more help, I include my personal Goal Killer sheets so you can see them in action. Each Goal Killer Bundle comes with a copy of my filled out sheets and a monthly update delivered to you via email. We in this together girl!


Take a sneak peek at a few pages of the planner

Life Planning Sheets



Monthly Goal Setting

Daily Planning Sheets

Design Your Life

Beyond identifying your passions and goals, the planner walks you through deliberate daily, weekly, and monthly activities to help you structure your day for success. 

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Available in PDF


I designed the Goal Killer Planner from my own planning system of starting a business and getting my life together. My story starts as a FAILURE. Seriously. Three years ago I was a JD/MBA dropout, survivor of an abusive relationship, estranged from family and friends, and HOPELESS at being good at anything again. Now I own a successful online marketing agency and a hair growth company. How did I do it? I read LOTS of books and listened to hours of podcasts. Each book and interview gave me a little nugget that I started to incorporate into my life every day. I noticed that my life started to change for the better. I started to travel again, make new friends, build a business, and finally feel happier. If this method can change my life, then I know it can help someone else too.  


"You got this girl!


It doesn't matter what time of year it is, The Goal Killer Planner will help you create the life you want and deserve.

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